Elephant Camp Selous
Elephant herd at water
Kudu female feeding
Spoon bill at Chobe river
Waterbuck at Chobe river
herd of buffalo at Camp Selous
Buffalo bull feeding at Camp Selous
young Impala at Tukutela Safaris
old buffalo bull at the Gwayi river
elephant at Sikumi forest land
bee eater at Camp Selous
group of giraffe at Camp Selous Zimbabwe
Wildebeest at the Gwayi river
Kudu Bull in the bush
Giraffe at Sikumi vleii
Zebra running at Camp Selous
Tukutela Safaris, Camp Selous
Tukutela Safaris , Kariba
Sundown at Camp Selous Zimbabwe
Sundown at Tukutela Safaris Camp
elephant running at waterhole
Kudu bulls at waterpoint
open savanna bush
Waterpoint at the Dete Vleii
Dete Vleii1

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High quality huntig Safaris in one of the prime hunting areas in Africa. This is what Tukutela Safaris stands for. If you are hunting with us in Zimbabwe or in Botswana, we will provide the highest standards of the Safari industry. Ethical hunting of free roaming game is our motto and conservation our goal. The service is legendary. This is why we are called : The Legendary Hunting Safaris 

If you want to book an African adventure, from tailor-made Safaris to all inclusive hunting packages, just contact our office and get your personal quote even today.

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