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The Location


Tukutela Safaris is based 180 km south-east of Victoria Falls in the Gwayi Conservancy. The well known concession  borders  Hwange National Parks.This prime hunting area is home to very good numbers of various Big game and Plainsgame. It holds a high population of elephant, cape buffalo, lion and leopard.

The concession is primarily covered with Mopane bush, Teak trees and scrub, incorporating open Savannah at the Gwayi River and the Dete Vleii. There are many natural water points in this hunting area derived from the Gwayi River and other  small dams along the Dete valley, the Bindonvale vleii and other areas. During the wet season low-lying areas become marshland usually accessible only by 4x4 vehicles.

All game in the area is free roaming. Countless numbers of 4 of the "Big Five" (inclusive of Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard) live in the Conservancy. Even larger numbers of plains game such as Sable, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Kudu, Giraffe, Impala, Zebra, Wildebeest and Wartog roam this abundant bush veld.


The Camp Selous


In the classic African style similar to those in the national parks, Camp Selous comprises of the main house incorporating the dining room with bar and kitchen. There are 7 luxury guest rondavels (round thatched rooms) equipped with own shower and toilets. The swimming pool with an outside bar and braai facilities is set in lush green environs completing the natural setting of this luxurious camp. Self-contained with garages, office, laundry, skinning shed, workers' homes, Camp Selous further boasts of a  rifle shooting range and a bow shooting range. Modern amenities include electric current of 220V, TV and WIFI.

The Hunting

Tukutela Safaris employs professionals who believe in the old-fashioned way of hunting. No hunting out from vehicles. Big game is hunted on foot, by stalking. To approach dangerous game is an art and  situations during a hunt are subject to change without notice. All wild animals are dangerous when cornered. The goal is draw the client as close as is safe to the desired trophy. Tukutela Safaris offers the experience of hunting dangerous animals from close range. Since the optimum distance from any wild animal is below 60 yards, hunters are advised to make use of the shooting ranges to practice shooting off hand or from bipods. Hunters are invited to check the list of prescribed weapons applicable to the game being hunted.

The Conservation

The directors and staff of Tukutela Safaris are very active in nature conservation and view the concessions as environmentally sensitive areas. These areas are protected from invaders and poachers by an effective scout team. Their job is to patrol the hunting area and ensure the safety of wildlife and enviroment. Rampant poaching will destroy the area along with all operations that provide a living for the local people. Furthermore, if not protected, one cannot preserve the wildlife for future generations of hunters. Tukutela Safaris intends to preserve and invest in the future of Safari hunting.

Tukutela Safaris directors: Frank Lau & Ray Makwehe welcome you!



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